The Book of Mary


Finding the kingdom

And they asked Jesus, “How can we find the Kingdom?”   And through the lips of Mary, Jesus answered thus:

“He who would find the kingdom must seek.  Let him seek until he finds that which he seeks.  Then he will be troubled.  Then after being troubled he will be astonished.  Then he will reign over all and will find repose.”

And they asked Mary what does this mean?

And Mary answered thus: “You must seek for that which is lost. You must seek for it within yourself.  And when you find it you will not be happy but distressed.”

And they asked, “What is it that we must find”

“You must seek the pearl which has become lost.  It lies within you. You must seek your own image. Oh you like to look upon your likeness in a looking glass or a picture.  Yet when you look upon your image which existed before you, that image which never dies yet remains hidden how much you will grieve!”

And many muttered and said “This is nonsense!” and walked away laughing as Mary’s foolishness. But others stayed and asked “Why should we seek that which will distress us?”

And Mary said, “Because only if you find it can you be reborn. Then you will be astonished! Then what joy you will know! Then you will come unto the kingdom! Then you will find repose with the father and enter into the life eternal.”

They would have asked he more but after this she was silent.