The Book of Mary


The crucifixion

Jesus was strong in Mary and he spoke to his followers. 

“In times past you desired to hear these words which I speak to you. The time will come when you will seek me and will not find me.” 

“Sons and daughters of men, you are saved by my cross. It is my cross that is the life. It is my cross that will defeat death, for it is greater than the things of death, the things of this world.  It is only through bearing my cross that you shall live. This is my mystery of mysteries.”

“You, who would be reborn must spread out your arms and accept my cross. With me you shall hang upon the tree.  You shall feel my pain, my sorrow, my grief.  You will taste my blood upon my lips, you will suffer the nails tearing my flesh, the agony of each breath.  You will go down to the tomb with me and lie in the bitter coldness of death.  My way is a dark way and is traced in pain and tears.  Yet I take the pain from you as I take death from you.  And after dark comes the morning, after winter the spring.”

“I am thee and you are mine. For my cross is man. My cross is the accumulated suffering and pain of mankind, my cross is the torture of soul bound to matter, and my cross is the promise of the redemption.”

“It is not enough to believe.  It is not enough to construct arguments and disputations or to interpret the truth through clever metaphors.  It is not enough to think or to talk or to pray or to do good deeds. For you must experience my pain, know my sacrifice.  If you be man then you must be crucified with me in reality, not the reality of this world on a cross of wood, but in my reality. For just as woman must bear the burden of birth through life, so man must bear the burden of birth through death. And if you be woman you must witness my pain at the foot of my cross, and experience my suffering through a woman’s love. And afterwards you must come down with me into the tomb to anoint me and lay your head against my icy breast and sob out your grief.”

“I am the covenant between you and god.  Without that covenant you are nothing.  You mate and gather money to yourself, and take your pleasures and bring up your children and in all these things you are animals.  You are bound to death and that death is your bitter sorrow, for within you is that which is eternal and which will suffer eternally.  But I am your redemption. Drink and you shall live and in living you shall know the joy of being complete, of being what you were created for. You are not of this world, sons and daughters of man.  You must return home and dwell in the kingdom of your parents.”

After that he was silent and spoke to them no more.